Valley moving company leaves behind belongings, 'closing our doors'

Posted at 4:21 PM, Oct 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-08 20:44:14-04

Did you ever hire Arizona Movers and Storage?

It appears the business quickly left its 16th Street address in Phoenix, leaving behind piles of broken furniture, clothes and other items.

The property manager for the warehouse they operated out of says they left owing rent.

Erika and Larry Fugelberg say the business owes them. too.

In July 2018, the couple let me know about their frustrating experience with Arizona Movers and Storage.  

They say they had thousands of dollars in damaged and missing items.

And the business would not make repairs and would only reimburse at 60 cents per pound.

That amount is the industry standard and was written in the contract.

At the time, the business questioned the legitimacy of the couple's claims and say the Fugelberg's chose not to buy additional insurance.

The Fugelberg's are currently suing the company.

We did find business trucks parked outside a South Phoenix office building.

A worker who says she is "wrapping up" affairs for the business tells us they are selling the trucks and are "closing our doors."

She also says the items left throughout the warehouse do not belong to customers.

If you are missing items after a move with Arizona Movers and Storage, I'd like to know.