Moving damage? Count on paying for it yourself!

Posted at 5:11 PM, Jul 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-19 14:50:33-04

Have you hired a mover recently? Hopefully, it went well. Too many people find it is an industry where there are few rules, and fewer protections.

Erika and Larry Fugleberg say they found out the hard way. The Valley couple hired Arizona Movers and Storage in Phoenix.

When the move was completed, the Fuglebergs say they had thousands in damage. That included a broken sofa set, crushed items, and a shattered glass painting.

The couple says they asked the mover to make repairs or replace. They say they even offered to settle for around a lot less.

But the Fuglebergs say the mover would only offer them 60 cents per pound. That is what is written in their signed contract and is standard in the industry.

Most movers are required to offer that basic insurance as part of the contract or consumers can choose a full replacement coverage option which will cost them more.

The Fuglebergs did not choose the higher cost option and some wonder why you should pay more for the movers to do their job without causing damage.

We tried to get answers from Arizona Movers and Storage. They sent us an email saying the Fuglebergs were made aware of their basic liability at 60 cents a pound.

They questioned whether some of the damage was real.

They also said they agreed to send someone out, and that Fuglebergs wouldn't allow it. The couple denies that.

The Fuglebergs have now filed a class action lawsuit against the company.

Before making a move, check your mover's reputation out online, demand to get an in-person estimate, and keep a list of what's moved out and make sure it's moved back in.

So, you make the call!

Whose responsible for the repair and replacement costs?

Is it the mover if they caused it? Or is it the consumer since they agreed to the basic 60 cent per pound insurance? And what do you think about that basic insurance?

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