Valley mom says thieves used her T-Mobile account

Posted at 6:53 AM, Feb 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-07 12:29:38-05
A Valley mom is accusing a cell phone carrier of allowing identity thieves to use her account to purchase iPhones.
Alysia Bretz of Glendale says she first got suspicious when she received a text reminding her about an upcoming payment due date. She says the amount was double what she expected.
She thought it was a mistake, but T-Mobile told her it wasn't.
"They sent me the paperwork showing that someone had signed my name and purchased phones in a retail location, in a completely different state," she says.
After some digging, Alysia found out two iPhones were purchased on her account in Denver, Colo. Not only that -- she says the day the phones were purchased, she was in a Valley hospital having surgery.
Alysia says the company denied her first two fraud claims and she was offered a $30 credit.
"I just felt helpless," she says.
That's when she let me know, and Assistance League of Phoenix Volunteer George took things from there.
He asked T-Mobile to reconsider Alysia's case. Soon after, Alysia got a phone call.
The charges were finally removed and while she may not have been able to prevent the ID theft, something helped her spot it more quickly. 
"Signing up for the alerts to let you know when your bill is coming through is huge," she says
T-Mobile did not respond to George and did not respond to our requests for comment.
To further protect your accounts, use a PIN number to prevent any changes from being made without using it.
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