Valley man upset after RV purchase attempt

Posted at 7:17 PM, Sep 29, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-29 22:17:54-04

When Cris Sanchez got the keys to his toy hauler RV, he knew it had a few issues.

But he was willing to deal with it because of the good price.

He found it at Choice One RV in Phoenix.

Cris thought it was being sold for a man in Prescott.

He says Choice One RV made the deal on the owner's behalf, with Cris taking over the loan payments of $365 for thirty-six months.

Once those payments were done, Cris says he was supposed to get the title.

So for three years, Cris made payments to the RV owner in Prescott.

When he felt he was close to paying the vehicle off, Cris figured he had about $1,400 left, but he checked with the owner to make sure.

"He's (the owner) like 'No, the actual payment to get the title to pay it off is $15,000'," Cris says.

Cris thought it was a misunderstanding so he and the owner exchanged contracts, he couldn't believe what he saw.

Where Cris' contract has 36 months written in for the payment term, the owners paperwork shows 99 months.

That meant it would take 5 more years of payments to get the title.

Both Cris and the RV owner say they tried to contact Choice One RV owner Dan Towsley but it had since closed.

Unable to get any answers, he let me know.

We finally got in touch with Towsley with Choice One RV through email.

He tells me the contract was "written as a use agreement not a purchase contract" and that "if Cris is done with the RV, he needs to return it to (the owner)."

Which means Cris was basically renting the RV for three years. Something he says he never wanted.

Cris was not able to keep the RV, but the owner did give him a motor home to help recoup his losses.

With any contract, read it carefully, leave no blank spaces and check the company's reputation online before signing anything.

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