Man fights for car repair after shops close

Posted at 7:36 PM, Mar 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-29 22:36:30-04

A Valley man says he's had a difficult time getting a car repair company to make good on a warranty.

Chet Hutton says he paid Meineke $9,000 to install a newly rebuilt engine. The purchase included a warranty. So when the car's motor started having problems, he took the car back to the shop for repairs.

But Hutton says the shop had closed. Since the business is a chain, Hutton says he just went to the nearest location for service.

"He said 'We'll see, I'll get a hold of corporate,'" Hutton says.

But when he showed up again, Hutton says that location closed too. So Chet tried a third location. This shop wasn't closed, but he says they would not commit to fixing anything.

So after weeks of trying to get it done on his own, Hutton let me know and volunteer Carol with the Assistance League of Phoenix took over.

Meineke calls it an "extraordinary circumstance" and that parts had to be special ordered.  In a statement COO Douglas Danstrom says, "While each customer service case is handled on a case-by-case basis, the time it took to complete Mr. Hutton's vehicle repair is not indicative of the average time it takes our customer service team to resolve customer issues."
Hutton says Carol got Meineke into gear.

"She was a blessing," he says.

Following through from beginning to end, she helped secure the installation of a newly rebuilt motor at Meineke's expense.

When signing up for a warranty, be sure to get everything in writing and find out who will do the work when a shop shuts down.

Meineke says it's customers should go the nearest shop or contact customer service.

Need my help? Call volunteers with the Assistance League of Phoenix at (855) 323-1515, by email, or on Facebook or Twitter.