AZ man says he wants to help people own homes

Posted at 4:50 PM, May 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-05 22:04:44-04

Do you have credit issues that prevent you from buying a home?

Marv Rousselow says he can help.

He owns a business called LeaseOwn Homes.

And Scott was one of his clients.

Scott signed up for a house in Buckeye.

He put more than $16,000 down and understood he'd basically rent the place for a while as he got ready to buy it.

Then he says he had second thoughts, saying there were too many repairs to be made. 

So he asked for his money back.

The "assignment of real estate contract" Scott signed does say no refunds.

But as Scott dug around, he wondered if Marv Rousselow should even be involved.

Scott found, what we found.

Rousselow had his Arizona real estate license revoked in 2013 after it was revoked in California.

In 2014, the Arizona. Department of Real Estate issued a cease and desist order against him and his business for doing real estate activities without a license.

We talked with Rousselow outside his business address.

He says he has not changed his business practices.

He says he did nothing wrong then or now.

Real Estate Commissioner Judy Lowe says otherwise.

"He really shouldn't be doing anything around real estate," she tells me.

Rousselow says no one has ever told him exactly what he's doing wrong.

He says he's not involved with real estate activities and any contract between buyer and seller.

He's just an investor.

And he says if that requires a real estate license, he will get one.

So his business continues.

Scott says he's working with the Arizona Attorney General's office on his complaint.

That office would not confirm anything involving Rousselow.

Before signing any contract, check reputations online, question licensing needs and read contracts thoroughly.

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