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Valley man regrets using mobile dent repair found on Facebook

Posted at 7:29 PM, Nov 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-13 21:29:57-05

Yellow streaks all over his car are not what Bush Khshiboun says he paid for.

In order to pass inspection to drive for Uber or Lyft he needed to have some body damage repaired on his car.

Bush searched Facebook Marketplace and found an ad for a dent repairman. The two exchanged text messages, settled on a price of $400, and set up a date.

"He was going to fix all that and repaint the car and make it look as good as new," he said.

Best of all he would do it all at Bush's house.

He says the man worked in his driveway for three hours.

"Then he wiped it down with some yellow stuff that was supposedly wax, and he demonstrated on the side of the car that wasn't damaged, how easily it comes off, and I believed it instantly. I was alright. I handed the guy the money and he left," he said.

Instructions were to clean it in 24 hours but Bush says there was a problem.

"Nothing was coming off."

He wants answers but says the mechanic is nowhere to be found.

"He shutdown his Facebook page and he totally deleted his number."
So Bush let me know. 

We did some digging and found another ad on Facebook Marketplace for mobile auto body repair.

The phone number was different but the page of the person connected to the new posting, very closely resembled the picture Bush sent us of his mechanic named Paul.

After showing him some dents in our ABC15 van, we met up with the mechanic and spoke with him about Bush's car.

He initially answered to the name Paul but later told us his name was Jack and told us "I told him I did the best that I can."

The mechanic admits that the yellow streaks on his car are wax, but that also used body filler and sanded it down.

He says he also used car body filler and sanded it down, and blames his kids for his phone being turned off.

"I have many phones, these phones go, they break, I got kids," he said.

Paul--or Jack--stood by his work but agreed to talk to Bush.

"I'm willing, that's fine. If he's not satisfied with the job I''ll give him back his money."

But that new number we found is now disconnected too.

No surprise there. 

But the lesson here low ball quotes and social media ads probably won't get you far so shop around for legitimate shops and ask family and friends for recommendations.