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Valley couple says they paid hotel bill two times

Posted at 6:54 PM, Mar 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-02 21:13:10-05

A Valley couple says they were double charged for a stay at a local resort, and had a tough time getting their money back.

In August 2017 Vicki and Kevin Davis say they booked a room at the We-Ko-Pa Resort on the Fort McDowell Reservation.

"We had a good time it was a nice hotel," Kevin says.  "Really nice robes," Vicki adds.

She says upon check out, she handed over a credit card, then changed her mind.

I'm like 'wait wait don't put it on there I wanna pay cash.'" She says she paid the $173 dollar in cash, but the next day her account showed her card had been charged too.

"I said this isn't right," Vicki says she paid twice. But couldn't get the hotel or the credit card company to reverse the charge.

So she let me know. And Let Joe Know/Better Business Bureau Volunteer JoAnn went to work.

From that point on Vicki says, "everything just changed."

"Within 30 minutes I get an email from the hotel," she says.

The general manager of the hotel tells me researching "did take a little longer than I wished" but the result of their investigation "wasn't conclusive."

But after JoAnn's call, "by the end of the week I had a check," Vicki says. "Like boom!"

$173.22 back on her card.

"She was awesome!" Vicki says. 

Thanks to the We-Ko-Pa Resort which says it reversed the charge as an offer of goodwill and extended an invitation for another night's stay.