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Valley couple receives bill for an account they never opened

Posted at 5:00 AM, Nov 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-19 09:35:14-05

PHOENIX — "It was not even that long of a visit. You know, we went in, we kind of figured out what it would be monthly," said Rhonda. "They want a pin number to access the account number, but we don't have a pin number and nor do I want to give them a PIN number? Because then it's going to look like we have an account," said Rhonda.

Many people are looking to cut costs these days, so one Valley couple says they didn't think much of it when they got a quote for a new cell phone provider.

She says she and her husband say they were just looking to save a bit of money and see if swapping providers would be worth it, so they stopped into a local T-Mobile store.

"She did ask for our names, and kind of asked us how many iPhones how many iPads, that kind of thing," said Rhonda.

But at the end of the visit, they say the cost was just not worth it so they said, no thanks and headed home.

Rhonda says she was shocked when a T-Mobile bill showed up in her mailbox a few weeks later.  

"We get a bill in September, saying you know that we owe $180," said Rhonda.

Then a few weeks later another one, but this time for $108 with a note that service had been suspended.

She says she's not even sure how they got her address. She admits she may have given it to check service in the area but is adamant she never signed anything.

She says when she contacted customer service, they told her to go to the store, but when she went there, she was told to call customer service.

It was an endless cycle, so she contacted us, and we got involved. 

We reached out to T-Mobile, asking how an account was opened in her name? Was there confusion and a contract was actually signed, and if so, could they show us? 

In emails, T-Mobile said they "have a proposed resolution" that they are "confidant will make Rhonda very happy," but cannot share details with us due to "customer privacy rules." 

Rhonda says when she finally got the call from T-Mobile, they said the account balance was taken care of and there was nothing that they owed. 

They did not say why the account was opened in the first place. 

Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for new services. 

If you're asked for a social security number, it's often to run a credit check. So, you shouldn't have to give that number or sign anything just to get a quote.