Valley car salesman accused of rolling back odometer

Posted at 6:47 PM, Nov 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-15 10:16:43-05
The ad says low mileage...the price is great. You buy that used car only to find out later that 79,000 miles is actually 179,000.

It happened to Angie Castro and her husband.

They bought a 2004 van to transport disabled parents and future foster kids. They spent all they had: $3,300.

But a Carfax report later showed that 100,000 miles vanished.Carfax report later showed that 100,000 miles vanished.

Kenneth Barker was the seller, advertising on Craigslist.

Angie says Barker denied the added miles saying she couldn't prove anything.

In a letter to investigators with the Arizona Attorney General Office, Barker says "Mrs. Castro was fully aware of what she was buying.”

And Angie did sign a "not actual miles" statement.

It's one of the hurried signatures she says she gave, and admits she was confused.

But Barker has been accused before.

The Arizona Department of Transportation says Barker was charged with a misdemeanor after three recent odometer complaints.

They say he paid a $12,000 settlement for selling 36 cars in a year illegally, without a license.

And they say he is awaiting trial on two felony charges for theft and fraud schemes.

ADOT says Angie's van is part of that trial.

We found Kenneth Barker at his house and confronted him about what happened.

He would only say "can't do anything at this time."

Angie sued Barker and won a judgment, but so far, she hasn't been able to collect. On a judge's advice, she says she gave the van back to Barker.

She says she didn't feel safe driving it and felt guilty about selling it anyway.

So now, she's without her money, and without a car, still hoping to collect that judgment.

Protect yourself when buying a used car:

  • Use a Carfax or a similar history report to show mileage concerns.
  • Don't be hurried. Only sign documents you read thoroughly.
  • Question older cars with unreasonably low mileage. Count on at least 10,000 miles per year.


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