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Valley bride says yes to the dress, no to the alterations

Posted at 7:46 PM, Aug 24, 2018

When Rebecca Molloy tried on her wedding dress, it was love at first sight.

"I just felt perfect in it," she says.

It was the perfect fabric. It had the perfect neckline. But it was the wrong size.

The one she needed would have to come from California and required hundreds of dollars in alterations.

She says one of the sales staff suggested using the extra fabric to make a veil.

"I was like that's a perfect idea," she says.

But a few weeks later after the fitting, she says the dress looked very different.

A picture shows the embellishments of the neckline replaced by a more bluntly cut style.

“It took away all the elegance of the dress,” she says. “ I couldn't wear that on my wedding day. There was no way.”

And she says the amount of left over fabric that was supposed to be for the veil, ended up being a really small unusable piece.

“I said where is my fabric? And they said ‘well this is what it is, the rest is in the dress,’” she explained. “I said there's no way that you could’ve possibly tucked that much fabric into the dress it's impossible. The dress would be bulky!”

She paid a different David’s Bridal to fix the dress but still wanted answers for the fabric that was to be used for the veil.

“I just wanted the material. That's all I wanted,” she says.

So she let me know.

Then Better Business Bureau/ABC15 Volunteer Lisa took over.  She tracked down the right person, because Rebecca says, “within an hour I had a call from David’s Bridal.” 

While Rebecca didn’t get her fabric, she did get some closure.

“I got the money for the alterations back,” she says. “Whatever she (Lisa) did, she performed a miracle, and I am greatly appreciative of it.”

In a statement, David’s Bridal says:

“We were so sorry to hear that Rebecca was less than satisfied and are grateful we had the opportunity to make things right for her."

Dress drama aside, the wedding went off as planned.

Now, Rebecca and her new husband are focusing on their happily ever after.

"I can look back and smile at the pictures," she says.

Thanks to David’s Bridal for taking care of Rebecca’s concerns.

Alterations can be subjective so protect yourself by asking to look at the seamstress’ work, get as much as you can in writing, pay by credit card and leave enough time to have somebody else fix any mistakes.