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Vaccine cards and digital backups: What are your options?

COVID-19 vaccination card
Posted at 5:00 AM, Oct 19, 2021

Vaccine cards are becoming more important for travel, entertainment, and even for vaccine proof at work.

But that card is likely folded up in your wallet or showing some signs of wear and tear.

How do you protect it and show it as proof?

"When you look nationwide there is no cohesion which is unfortunate for people," says Chandra Steele with

Steele surveyed what each state is doing when it comes to vaccine passports and storing information digitally.

She found while some states embrace a digital and online way to prove vaccination status, others have made vaccine passports illegal.

Some states went even further.

"They had vaccine information available but actually shut it down not wanting to have COVID vaccine records online," Steele says.

In Arizona, a governor's executive order banned vaccine passports and governments demanding vaccination status.

The state's Department of Health Services has a partnership with myIRmobile.

Its website says it allows you to "access your family's immunization information using any device."

"It's not an app per se. It is browser-based. You go to the site, put in some information," Steele says.

While the debate continues over a national COVID vaccine proof plan, and employers and businesses deciding what documentation is necessary, Steele says there is an easier way to backup your vaccine card.

"You can even take a picture and store on your phone," she says.

There has also been debate on whether to laminate your vaccine card.

But with people already getting a third vaccine, that may not be a good idea yet.