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Trying to get your money back? How these consumers made it happen

Posted: 6:00 AM, Mar 05, 2020
Updated: 2020-03-05 09:24:05-05

When Suzanne bought a $2,000 security door, she says she bought the "best" one they had.

But she says when she got it, it was "very poorly constructed."

And when she was promised a new one, she says it was actually the same door!

When she couldn't get anywhere with the business, she let me know and the ABC15 Let Joe Know/Better Business Bureau volunteer team took on the case.

Volunteer George contacted the company twice. And Suzanne got a full $2,000 refund.

Make sure you have documentation showing exactly what you bought, any warranties and what happens if there's a problem.

Another issue we see a lot, security deposits being kept.

If you put down a $1,000 security deposit and clean the rental thoroughly when you move out, you would expect to get most of it back.

That's not what happened to Joseph who let me know he was only getting a $168 refund.

The management company showed a long list of cleaning and repairs they say they had to make.

Problem solver Emily took on the case and pointed out Joseph's side, how he cleaned thoroughly and says few of the expenses were really needed.

In the end, there was a compromise.

Joseph got back more than double what he was supposed to get in the first place.

Make sure you take pictures or video when you move in and move out. And do a walk through notating everything with management. It's the only way to prove what you did and didn't do.

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