Tips to make sure your move goes smoothly

Posted at 7:22 PM, Jul 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-15 22:22:58-04

Dealing with moving companies can be tricky. Does the company have to be licensed? What happens if they break or lose your stuff?

The best time to check out your moving company is before you hire them. Companies that transport across state lines must be licensed with the US Department of Transportation. Check yours here.

In-state movers are not required to have a license, so checking the company's reputation online is important.  Also, make sure the mover actually sees your things before the move. And, unless you've added extra items, the estimate should be binding.
You may also want to consider insurance, but research the providers before signing up for anything

Once movers arrive, make sure all of your belongings are written down on a bill of lading. The contract should say exactly how much you owe upon pick-up and delivery. It's a good idea to use a credit card for payment.

If there's a problem, write down and take pictures of the damage, immediately. File a complaint with the company, and don't ever let anyone hold your belongings for more money-- it's illegal. If that happens, call police. Also file a complaint with the Arizona Department of Public Safety (602) 223-5000 or email

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