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Timeshares can still be a hassle after death

Posted at 8:00 PM, Dec 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-15 22:00:26-05

Timeshares are really easy to get into but nearly impossible to get out of.

And one Valley man says, even dying won't get rid of them.

Bob let me know that mother owns a time share in Las Vegas but passed away in 2016. He let the company know but is still getting assessments and fees. The latest is more than $1500.  He's not sure what else to do.

Bob I'm sorry for your loss, and I'm sorry you're having to fight this battle. Your mom's estate is responsible for the maintenance fees because technically, it's a piece of property.

There won't be a quick fix, but are a few things you can do.

The easiest route? See if the company will let you deed it back to them. There may be a fee to do that but it shouldn't cost more than a couple hundred dollars.
If that doesn't work, try to sell or rent it out yourself. You can find help from an agent through the  Licensed Timeshare Resale Brokers Association. The website allows owners to post properties on their own or use a broker for a fee.  

There's also the option of foreclosure. As long as the estate owns it see if the estate will take the financial hit, not you personally.

You may want to make an appointment with a probate attorney to see which option works best. And let me know what happens.