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Three scams in Arizona right now: Apple iCloud issue, sweepstakes and free trials

It's Apple calling with an iCloud issue. Not really - it's a scam!
Posted at 6:00 AM, Feb 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-11 09:48:50-05

Most scams we see now are not new. They're versions of successful scams that have been taking our money for years.

I have been seeing three of those scams in Arizona right now!

A new rash of fake Apple calls is designed to get your money or personal information.

Brad emailed in with a message saying, "they say my icloud has been compromised" and said, "I've never owned an Apple product."

So Brad knew it was a scam.

You may not.

Scammers are spoofing numbers appearing to be Apple customer support.

Bottom line: Apple never asks for passwords or codes.

If you get an Apple unsolicited call, hang up and call the legit support number.

Another big scam now involves Publisher's Clearing House.

They have a legitimate sweepstakes drawing coming up, but scammers are calling people like Mary who says "he's telling me I'm going to receive 455 thousand dollars. He's given names of people who will show up at my door."

First of all, these scammers don't know where you live.

Also, Mary has to buy gift cards to get the money.

I told Mary its a total scam and then I called the scammer back and let him know we knew exactly what he was doing.

Then there's the "free trial" period offers.

Some of them are legitimate, but too many are scams.

Ruth was supposed to get a "free sample" for "a new body cleanse."

She gave her credit card number to pay only for shipping charges if she returned the product in a certain time. Or she could keep it and get the product monthly, along with that charge.

She says she returned it within the given window, but her credit card was charged for monthly deliveries.

I don't like free trial offers. Too many times I hear the same story.

Click herefor warnings about free trial offers.