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Three biggest scams right now according to Let Joe Know

Old scams getting new life
Posted at 6:00 AM, Jul 30, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-30 10:26:08-04

PHOENIX — So what are the three biggest scams in the Valley right now?

We're seeing the most complaints about Social Security number issues, free grant money and shopping online.


Dozens of you tell me you got the Social Security call this week. And it didn't go only to seniors -- my 21-year-old son got it too.

The caller says they just suspended your number because of suspicious activity, and they want you to clarify things.

Think you wouldn't fall for it? Scammers got $19 million in just one year!

Federal officials say you'll only get a call from SS if you contacted them first.


In another scam, a lot of you are promised free grant money for various reasons.

Gloria wants to know about a Tennessee community grant program giving her $100,000.

Is it real?


The $900 processing fee you have to send first *should* be a give-away. But scammers get $90 million every year with this one. We told Gloria to keep her money.


So you're buying something used online, maybe Facebook Marketplace or a neighborhood blog.

The seller agrees to the price but wants you to pay to get it. And you never get it.

The Better Business Bureau warns that you should only give the money when you see the item in person.