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The protections you should consider if traveling this summer

Posted at 5:00 AM, May 06, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-13 15:26:45-04

On April 27, 2021, the CDC updated their travel guidelines for Americans saying if you are fully vaccinated you can travel domestically without restrictions.

Meanwhile, if you are traveling internationally you don't have to quarantine but testing three days before traveling back to the US is required and a second test is recommended 3 to 5 days later to make sure you didn't pick anything up on your trip.

There are about 10 times as many people traveling now than this time last year, and more people spending more money on future trips. As we've learned, that's lost money if vacations have to be canceled yet again.

"You know, once those trip investments start to build up and what you can lose, that's when insurance becomes more critical," said Amy Danise, the Chief Insurance Analyst with Forbes Advisor.

She says most people focus on travel cancellation policies, and while they are still important, she says consider additional medical insurance - especially policies that cover COVID-related expenses.

"If you contract COVID, before you go and have to cancel, it would kick in then," said Amy. "Or if you're on your trip, and you need medical attention or have to quarantine and you have to pay extra hotel bills because of that quarantine."

Amy says companies like HTH Worldwide and USI affinity offer plans that even include evacuations home if needed and were ranked best by Forbes Advisor.

"Even if you're fully vaccinated, maybe you want that backup, because, you know, on the slightest chance you contract something, you want to have that financial safety net there," said Amy.

She says most policies have a "free look period" that lets you get a refund or add coverage if you change your mind.