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Store your car keys by the front door? Don't!

Posted at 7:13 PM, Dec 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-01 21:13:36-05

You've heard of cars being stolen, but it's how a car in England was recently stolen, that could change the way you do things.

Click here to watch security camera video of the car being stolen.

Thieves bought "relay" boxes, which are apparently sold online. The boxes are supposed to pick up signals given off by the key fob.

If you have a keyless ignition car, those fobs are constantly giving off signals.

It's the reason you can push start the car, even though the fob is just near the car or sitting inside it.

So the thieves place a relay box close to the house to try to hi-jack the signal, and open the doors themselves.

Like most people, the fob is likely stored near the front door entrance on a desk or something similar.

If the relay box picks it up, it then relays the signal to another box near the car.

The door opens, and thieves are able to drive away with your car.

Yes, it's another thing on your list of worries, but the solutions are simple and cheap.

You could place the fob as far away from the car as possible while in the house.

Or you can use a metal container, like a cocktail shaker, to store the fob. Any metal container will do if it completely covers the key.

That keeps the fob's signals from getting outside.