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Some refunds given by Valley breeder after months of waiting

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Posted at 5:00 AM, Aug 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-09 10:54:33-04

For months the Let Joe Know Team has been working to get thousands of dollars in deposits back to people hoping to bring home a puppy but instead got nothing but excuses.

While money is finally headed back to some customers, others continue to wait.

"I received the cash app saying Elise Cox sent you $500," said Doug.

After months of waiting and a number of emails and requests for a refund, Doug says the money he paid Cox Family Doodles in May of 2020 is back in his account.

That's a huge deal because the Let Joe Know Team started receiving emails almost eight months ago - dozens of Valley families saying they placed an average deposit of $500 for a goldendoodle puppy, but never got it. The owner Elise Cox only giving excuses.

"I started noticing weird things on the website like the waitlist wasn't on there," said Doug.

He had to fight for his refund, sending multiple requests via Cash App.

"So probably between May. And now. I've done it 13 times," said Doug.

While we are happy to hear that Doug and a few others have started getting their money back, the website shows Cox is still taking on new customers despite countless others - who requested refunds - are still waiting.

Like these people who saw our stories and let us know:

Connie writes she requested her refund in March after paying back in October and Traci who demanded a refund nearly a year after paying.

Then there is Marc and his wife who sued Elise in small claims court and won a $590 judgment in April.

All have sent Cash App requests and multiple emails, but say they have gotten nothing.

We contacted Elise about the order for the refunds and a timeline for when everyone can expect theirs.

She did not respond to our requests. She has said in the past that people will be refunded in the order in which they requested it.

This is a good reminder to always check reputations when giving large upfront deposits and think of pet alternatives like shelter or rescue dogs where you know what you are getting.