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Solving your consumer problems

Posted at 6:14 PM, Mar 30, 2018
and last updated 2019-04-11 10:03:01-04

When you Let Joe Know about your consumer problem, it's not just Joe that's working on the case. 

There's a team of volunteers who spring into action to help take on the hundreds of cases we get each month.

Like volunteer Jim, who stepped in to help Sue. She let me know her husband died in 2008, but she recently found their insurance company was still billing her.

Sue wanted her money and says they promised but never called her back.

Better Business Bureau/Let Joe Know volunteer Jim took on the case, contacting the company and after months of waiting, Sue got a check for more than $1,000.

But not every case is all or nothing. Sometimes you have to meet in the middle.

Stoney in Sun City let me know when his air conditioner went out and he got stuck with a $600 bill, even though he had a warranty. 

The 92-year-old suffered a stroke and was tired of fighting.  

Volunteer Grant found the warranty only covered parts--not service, freon or diagnostics. Still, after reaching out to the manufacturer, they agreed to cover half of Stoney's bill.  

Then there's Gary, who was fuming over a roofing bill.

He says during last year's monsoon water leaked into his kitchen. He reported it to his homeowner's association. And says a roofer showed up, caulked around the a/c, then sent him a $350 bill.

But Gary says the roof is the HOA's responsibilty. He let me know and volunteer Mike got involved.

Mike found while the HOA covered the roof, Gary was in charge of the A/C unit. To break the stalemate Mike proposed they each split the bill. Everyone agreed. Case solved.

We can help you too, just let me know.