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Small businesses searching for financial help

Some say the government process isn't working
Posted at 10:46 PM, Apr 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-16 07:15:22-04

With stimulus checks hitting bank accounts across the country this week, many Americans seeing some relief when it comes to the bills that have been stacking up.

However, businesses looking to get support under that same stimulus bill are facing troubles just trying to apply.

"My business has been virtually shut down by the statewide shut down... Accurate information is the only hope I have," wrote Carla an Arizona business owner.

"I'm a very small business owner. I'm following the stay at home request and not making any income. Are there any specific routes I can take to get some financial relief?," wrote Steven, also a small business owner.

The pair turned to the Let Joe Know Team for answers as they are forced to find ways to make ends meet during these times.

In fact, the Arizona Small Business Association says they're not alone.

About half of the 200 or so businesses that answered a recent survey, say they have had challenges navigating the applications needed to get much needed financial help.

As for those who have applied, it's still unclear when they'll be seeing any cash.

That's the big question, especially as stimulus checks hit bank accounts across the country.

The financial support for small businesses was passed under that same bill.

"Some of the red tape is still out there. Some of the local banks- [the application] has not uploaded onto their website yet," said Don Stewart a small business owner.

He is waiting for funds from the Paycheck Protection Program so he can hire back employees he was forced to layoff.

However, that is just one program of few with some requiring you to apply directly to your bank and others online.

"The small business side is still in a holding pattern," said Stewart.

Now the Arizona Small Business Association is offering resources to help owners navigate what program to apply for and the application process.

Here is where to find that info:

In the meantime, now is a good time to shop local where you can.

Your money could help keep some of your favorite businesses struggling right now in business.