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Bob Seger reschedules Valley show: fans still want money back!

Posted at 6:54 PM, May 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-28 21:54:43-04

Monica Harty received a full refund from secondary market ticket seller StubHub, after fighting them for seven months.

In April, shelet me know the company refused her a refund after Bob Seger postponed his Fall 2017 tour for health reasons.

"We have a placeholder date for either October of 2019 or 20," she said she was told.

The concert was postponed, not canceled. 

And if we hadn't gotten involved that meant the company would hold her money until Seger rescheduled or officially canceled.

"I said well that doesn't seem exactly right," Harty said. 

Unfair? Maybe.  

But it's the policy for many secondary market sellers.

Gary Starmer contacted us after seeing Monica's story with the same problem.

"Forty-odd years I've been a Seger fan," he explained via Skype from his home in Australia.

"We thought ah we see he's touring and it may be his last tour," Starmer said.

Gary was serious. Buying two sets of tickets, just in case.

He bought the best seats he could find from reseller Vivid Seats. 

The backups were purchased from primary seller Ticketmaster, even splurging for ticket insurance.

It didn't matter.

"It's not insurance against the artist not being able to turn up," he says.

The backup tickets were quickly refunded by Ticketmaster.

But seven months later Gary is still is out of the money he paid for the others.

So are a lot of others who have contacted us.

A spokesperson for Vivid Seats says:

"The show has not been canceled but simply postponed. A new date has not yet been determined. Because tickets for postponed events remain valid, most fans are eager to hold onto their tickets to attend the rescheduled events. 

In the rare instances when that's not the case, Vivid Seats works with our customers to find a solution. In fact, our team already had been in touch with the customer when we received your email and we have fully resolved the matter to the customer's satisfaction. We are happy to report one more satisfied Vivid Seats customer!"

But Gary had tried for months to get his money back. Just like Monica with StubHub.

Once again after we stepped in, Gary got a call.

In an email he writes, "that they will be refunding the amount of us $924.00 back into my wife & I can't thank you enough for the assistance you have given in helping us receive the refund."

We've gotten the same story twice from ticket resellers about wanting to find a solution.

My advice? Don't give up, even if you feel like you're running "against the wind."