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Save big on flights and cars or shave $100s off vacation costs

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Posted at 5:00 AM, May 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-03 10:42:31-04

PHOENIX — Are you booking flights or cars for a summer trip?

Let Joe Know is sharing a few simple things that might save you hundreds on flights and rental cars.

Let's say you're trying to avoid the Phoenix July heat and want to spend a week in San Francisco. If you have three people flying United Airlines, the flight that gets you there earliest costs $429 per person. That's a total of $1,287.

Most people book flights by checking for the total number of people they're traveling with, but because the price goes up as more seats are filled, you might save by booking one person at a time.

Taking that same San Francisco flight and booking just one passenger, the rate is $349, not $429. Passenger two also gets that same lower rate. It's passenger three that triggers the higher cost for all three. So, booking one a time would save $160 one way.

You can also save on rental cars if you have a little extra time.

Taking that same week in July, this time we'll look in San Diego and we'll rent a standard car from Enterprise Car Rental, (although it could be any company).

If you look to rent online through the airport, the price is $659 for the week. Instead, consider picking up your rental car at a nearby location to avoid those extra airport taxes and fees.

At a nearby location, the cost is $534 for the same car at the same time. That's a $125 savings and likely worth a two-mile Uber ride to pick it up.

Finally, after you book anything, keep checking for a price drop.

We booked a car in Salt Lake City for $152, but a week before the travel date, the price dropped to $87 for the same car. We re-booked and saved $85.

Also, we tried booking flights one way rather than a roundtrip. It's less hassle if you have to change just one way for whatever reason.

So how do you save on travel? Go to the Let Joe Know Facebook page and share your money-saving thoughts there.