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Salesperson at your door? One family fights to get refund

boxes of meat
Posted at 5:00 AM, Sep 09, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-09 18:03:27-04

PHOENIX — You've likely experienced it yourself.

There's a salesperson at your door, offering you a great deal, but you have to buy on the spot.

Jon Olmstead says he wasn't home at the time that his wife got a knock on the door from a salesperson.

"So and so down the road, their deep freezer didn't show up. They ordered three boxes of frozen meat. I got to get rid of this. I can sell it to you at a steep discount," Jon says.

He says his wife felt uncomfortable, wanted to talk to Jon about it first, and refused the deal.

"No matter what she said, he wasn't going to take no for an answer. So, she ended up buying the 3 boxes," Jon said.

He says they made room in the freezer but they didn't want or need the meat.

They hoped to get their money back based on the salesman's promise.

"He'd offer a full refund if not happy. He'd come and pick up the meat," Jon said.

It was the same promise on the Wholesome Foods USA website. The Phoenix-based business offered a 100% guarantee.

They'd give buyers a full refund or exchange if not "completely satisfied."

So, Jon says he called the owner and the same salesman came out and took back the meat.

"He told me he'd give me a full refund, got my credit card info, and said 7 to 10 business days," Jon said.

That didn't happen, however. In a text, the salesman said he had done his part.

He told Jon to call his boss and when Jon couldn't get anywhere, he contacted the Let Joe Know team.

"I hit you guys up as a last-ditch effort," he told us.

Our Let Joe Know Better Business Bureau volunteer Joe wanted to help.

"Joe was awesome," Jon exclaimed, "He said Jon, I want to get you your refund so let me spearhead this."

We contacted the Wholesome Foods USA owner and reminded him the meat had already been returned.

Now it was time for Jon to get his refund and it didn't take long. He ended up getting all of his money returned!!

"I did get the $300 refund. Thanks to you guys. I appreciate it," Jon said.

A big shout out to our volunteer Joe. Nice job!

I'm glad Wholesome Foods USA did come through.

The owner blamed the delay on a management issue and he says the company is going out of business.

While door-to-door sales have been around for years, I don't like ever feeling pressured to buy on the spot.

No matter how good the deal may sound always ask them to leave information. Then, you have time to research and make a decision that's not hurried.