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Resources available to Arizonans with free help with landlord-tenant issues

Posted at 5:00 AM, Aug 25, 2022

PHOENIX — From facing Arizona's heat without working air conditioning to flooded apartments and pest problems, the Let Joe Know Team has seen a number of issues tenants face across the Valley.

First, put the issue in writing, sign it, date it, and give it to your landlord.

But what if the problem is not fixed?

"Most cities, if not all cities, certainly the City of Glendale, have very strict codes around what we demand our landlords provide their tenants," said Rick St. John, Deputy City Manager in Glendale.

If you're not getting a response from your landlord reach out to the city. You can file a complaint or schedule a code inspection.

"Anything from a sewer issue, to an air conditioning unit that isn't working and electrical issue, whatever it might be, we send the proper inspector out," said St. John.

If there's a violation, the city will file a notice. If it's not fixed, the landlord could be cited and brought to court by the city.

Understanding your rights can feel like a major hurdle, but the City of Phoenix's Landlord-Tenant Program offers help.

"We can walk you through, educationally, what the Landlord Tenant Act says," said Stephanie Nadar who supervises the program.

It's a free service open to anyone across the state.

Arizona law states, if it's an issue "affecting health and safety," a tenant can deliver a written notice to the landlord outlining repairs needed to be made. If they're not completed within five days, the renter can terminate the lease.

Nader says, while her staff cannot provide legal advice, they can help guide people and connect them to community partners offering legal or rental assistance.

For resources listed by Valley city, click here.