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Renter's Insurance: Do you have to pay?

Posted at 6:20 PM, Apr 16, 2018

Have you looked for an apartment lately?

There's a new cost that's becoming more standard.

It's called renter's insurance; and is becoming more frequently demanded by the landlord.

Bruce emailed Let Joe Know saying he was signing a new lease and they are "forcing all residents to pay $10 per month for renter's insurance."

"Can a landlord force you to purchase it?" he asked.

The standard Arizona Association of Real Estate lease agreement says the landlord "strongly recommends tenants obtain and keep it."

If that's all your agreement says, Let Joe Know consider that as a requirement.

But many, like Bruce's landlord, are demanding it.

And it does shift responsibility.

Bruce's policy will mean $5,000 to cover his belongings and $25,000 to cover damages to the landlord or other resident's property.

So yes, if the insurance demand is written in the contract before you sign, it is most likely legal.

However, question the amount if it appears egregious.

And if you can find a cheaper policy, with the same coverage as the one recommended, I'd try to work with the landlord before signing.