Let Joe Know team helps answer questions about delayed delivery

Posted at 7:17 PM, Jul 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-06 22:17:11-04

A Valley couple say they were stuck trying to find a package they shipped themselves months earlier.

Elnora and her husband Glen say only one of the boxes that they expected arrived.  

The other was filled with clothes, decor and purses that Elnora couldn't fit in a suitcase.

"I know those things can be replaced but those are my things that I wanted back," she says.

At first she says she was told to give them 8 days to find it. 

"I was calling every day but I wasn't really getting anywhere," she says. And as the two-month mark approached, she started looking on her own.

"We went to 3 UPS facilities and they were not able to help."

Elnora didn't want to file an insurance claim, she wanted her stuff back. So she let me know.

And the Better Business Bureau/Let Joe Know volunteer Ethel took over.

Calming Elnora down, making a lot of calls and ensuring that UPS did not give up looking for that missing package.

"She was wonderful, " Elnora says.

After nearly three months the box showed up on her doorstep.

"I was just so happy to receive my handbags and all my other items that I said thank you, Lord."

In a statement UPS says in part:

We regret the delay that (she) Experienced in receiving her package. Packages are rarely lost, but should that occur ups makes every effort to find and complete those deliveries as quickly as possible.

I'm not big on having to add extra insurance but when you're shipping something valuable maybe it's something you should consider, just in case.