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Putting in a pool? This law will protect you!

Posted at 7:13 PM, Mar 08, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-10 18:45:48-05

PHOENIX — With temperatures in the 80s, pool season isn't far away.

It's the time we hear complaints from homeowners about pool construction, paying upfront and work not being completed.

Bev let me know she's trying to put a Pebble Tech coating on her pool.

She got an estimate from a contractor and wants to know if the business has a good reputation.

I found they do have an active contractor's license with the state and no complaints are listed.

That's good news and should be what you check first. But looking closer at Bev's contract, something caught her eye and mine.

That's how much of the $14,000 price is being demanded upfront.

It's 65%. Yes, this contractor requires a 65% deposit.

That means Bev would pay nearly $9,000 before anything is done.

It's crazy. I would never do it.

And the dozens of people who tell me their contractor took the money and left, they wouldn't do it again.

While there's no state law specifically addressing pool repair payments, there is one involving new pools. It's good protection that lays out how much money can be demanded and when.

The Arizona law says contractors installing inground pools and spas can only demand 15% of the contract price as a down payment.

They can then demand up to 25% after completion of excavation work.

Contractors can ask for 25% after installation of steel, plumbing and concrete. They can then get 25% after decking materials are installed. The final 10% is due before the application of the interior finish.

If your contractor won't agree to this, move on.

They are great protections and we hope legislators don't whittle away at them!

Learn more about the Arizona pool/spa construction protections.

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