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Problems with deliveries? Customers' issues with OnTrac shipping

Posted at 9:55 AM, Jan 12, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-12 12:40:14-05

PHOENIX — Did you get all of your holiday packages delivered on time? Some delays may be blamed on supply chain issues. But some are blaming their deliverer, OnTrac shipping.

Jacob Moran says he ordered a Sony PS5 gaming system in late August for his son for Christmas.

He bought it from Walmart and says it was supposed to be delivered by OnTrac.

"I expected delivery 3 to 5 days after that. Then there was just silence," Jacob said.

Jacob says he tracked the package from California to Phoenix until the tracking stopped in October. He says the entire time, OnTrac was not helpful.

OnTrac also delivers for Home Depot and other big companies.

We've had similar complaints about the business saying that packages are weeks late or didn't arrive at all.

And, these customers say they couldn't get help.

Jamie let me know about a missing package that OnTrac showed as delivered.

The company said the "driver was at the appropriate location."

Jamie says she was later told the "package was deemed lost and to request a refund" from the store.

Dana says she also had to ask for a refund saying, "I never received my packages and never resolved."

Samantha says when she complained about her missing delivery, OnTrac said its "driver never responded... that it was probably stolen.. and to contact the company."

She says she got it a month later with no explanation.

OnTrac shows a Chandler address and has an A+ with the Better Business Bureau. But, customers only give OnTrac one star with nearly 600 complaints to the BBB in the last year.

That may seem like a small number compared to UPS which has more than 2,500 BBB complaints, and FedEx which has more than 5,500 BBB complaints in the last year.

OnTrac only does business in 8 Western states.

Jacob says after contacting the company numerous times, OnTrac says it lost the package.

It's bad news for Jacob who missed out on giving the PS5 as a Christmas gift. He did, however, get a refund from Walmart but says to buy the system again, maybe for his son's birthday, he'd likely have to spend more money.

I contacted OnTrac with the names of customers who are complaining and asked for a response.


"Our top priority is and has always been our customers, and we share their frustration with delayed packages. We endeavor to ensure every package we ship arrives at its destination and encourage customers experiencing issues to reach out to our Customer Service Team via Our team is working to ensure packages move through our network as quickly and securely as possible."

Robert Abel
Director of Corporate Branding

Here's where to contact OnTrac with complaints or to track packages.