Are extended warranties worth the money for laptops, phones

Posted at 5:44 PM, Nov 15, 2016
Get ready, here we go again. It's holiday gift-buying season. Laptops and phones will be big. But should you buy those extended warranties that are always being offered?
Data Doctors Ken Colburn says yes, and no. 
In most cases, he says " They cover the least likely things to go wrong with your computer."
Many only cover hardware issues, when the real problems are usually malicious software and operating system corruption that are not covered. If they do cover software issues, that might be worth a look.
On the other hand, Colburn says more mobile devices like phones and tablets might benefit more from service plans. Again, it depends on the plan. Many don't cover abuse or theft, which are the common phone and tablet issues.
But we found a couple of plans on Amazon that covered drops, spills and more.
Then you have to decide if it's worth the price.
Bottom line, don't let a "great deal" pushed by a salesman lure you in. Research exclusions and shop around for costs, before you sign up.
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