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Paying for fast speeds? Why is your computer so slow?

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Is your computer slow even though you pay for high speed internet?

If so, there could be a number of reasons.

One thing you can do right now is test your speed online. In a very short time, you can get your download and upload speeds.

Cox and CenturyLink both lead you to

Cox says it offers "easy access and is an unbiased source."

Ken Colburn with Data Doctors suggests using a speed test not affiliated with an internet service provider.

So he recommends

When you perform any test, make sure you hardwire the computer to the modem--don't use wifi to do it.

Colburn says to get an accurate speed, test at three different times a day at least three days in a row so you get at least nine tests, then average those out.

Internet service plans are sold with "up to" speeds because providers can't guarantee a particular speed due to a number of factors, including how busy it may be when you are online.

The "up to" number is the maximum and your speed could be lower, sometimes much lower, and a slow speed may have nothing to do with your service plan. It could be a computer, modem or router issue. Or maybe your computer has a virus.

Cox and CenturyLink say a customer's experience can be slowed by older equipment, the number of devices in use, websites accessed, time of day as well your location.

If you get a slow speed test, check those out. If you don't find issues and still have a slow speed, take it to your provider.

And then let me know!

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