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Package delivery? Trash valet? Renters paying 'absurd' fees

Posted at 2:00 AM, Jul 25, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-25 14:40:03-04

PHOENIX — As Valley rent prices are rising, there's growing confusion about what those increases are paying for. So many complexes are also demanding renters pay more extra fees.

Simone lives at Avana at the Pointe apartments in Phoenix. While her rent is going up, it's those added fees that are equally upsetting for her.

"Why should I pay for a package service fee?" Simone asks.

She says it's a mandatory $15 fee paid monthly to have her packages delivered to a service, which then delivers them to her.

Simone says it's unnecessary.

"I have all of these other services that will deliver to me," she says.

Jennifer has to pay $20 monthly for her package delivery service at Sierra Canyon Apartments in Glendale.

She says Amazon will deliver to her for free and even take a picture of the packages.

"You don't have to use it, you just have to pay for it," Jennifer says.

And she pays even more for another unwanted service.

"They decided we're going to do trash valet," she says.

Instead of taking your trash down to the bin, you put it in a can outside your door and the service takes it down.

That costs her $33 monthly and is also mandatory.

"I can throw it in myself," she says.

Jennifer also pays a $5.50 monthly utility setup fee and a $6 pest control fee.

She pays about $65 monthly for extras she doesn't want or feels her rent should cover.

Shouldn't pest control just be part of the rent? What's next, a monthly refrigerator use fee or maybe a fee to use the pool?

Instead of rising rents paying for more, some renters see them paying for less.

Like Simone's $10 monthly parking fee — and it's not for an assigned space.

"When you get an apartment you're supposed to have a place to park," she says.

Simone pays a $7 trash fee, a $2 pest fee, and a $10 fee for a fob needed to get her into the complex.

"What are they going to do, rent you an apartment but not let you through the gate," Simone asks.

And she pays an $8 service fee, to prepare the bill that shows all of the fees.

Simone pays about $67+ in her extra monthly fees.

Why? I asked the complexes that are both managed by Greystar. Avana at the Pointe did not reply by our deadline.

In a statement, Sierra Canyon says: "Our rates and fees ensure we can provide an outstanding living experience and are comparable to similar apartment communities in the area. Some fees are pro-rated based on unit size and all are disclosed at lease signing before a resident moves in and itemized for transparency."

Some renters think they know the real reason for all of the extra fees.

"Corporate wants to line their pockets with as much money from us as they possibly can," Simone says.

A lot of apartments are now charging added costs.

If you're a renter and face these fees, let me know: