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One KEY thing to do before hiring business

Posted at 10:10 PM, Jun 25, 2014
and last updated 2014-06-26 01:45:55-04
You can buy a warranty or an extended warranty on just about everything these days.
I usually advise against most of them because I see so many exclusions and warranty companies routinely denying claims. 
That's what happened to Felice Weiner.
"The house wouldn't cool off," she told me.
It was over 100 degrees outside and inside it wasn't much cooler.
But, Felice had a home warranty. It was Sensible Home Warranty and she called them. And she called and called.
"I was calling almost daily hoping they'd get tired of me," Felice says.
That's because Felice says Sensible, was acting, not so sensible.

They told her to get a new compressor, then denied her claim.
She says they first told her "unless you can prove maintenance checks on your AC for the last three years. I did that."
But Sensible found other reasons not to pay. So she let me know.
We found that a simple internet search would have revealed concerns about Sensible Home Warranty going back two and a half years.
Before hiring any business, make sure to at least look for complaints online.
We found states like Washington, Oklahoma, Utah and others filed cease and desist orders or revoked the license for Sensible Home Warranty.
Some of the complaints involved operating in a state without a license.
The business was licensed in Arizona.
Now, we found Sensible Home Warranty appears to be out of business.
Their websitewishes customers "all the best of luck." 
So what happens to those customers?  We took that to the Arizona Department of Insurance.
Four days later,  the state issued its own cease and desist order listing numerous consumer complaints.
Arizona requires a $100,000 bond for home warranty companies.
Felice is applying for part of that.
If you have an unpaid Sensible claim or are a current customer, file a complaint with the state'sDepartment of Insurance.
Along with their complaint, include a copy of the warranty contract, evidence of their premium payment and all documents related to their unpaid claims.
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