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Not getting what you paid for? These people are finally getting results

Posted at 5:00 AM, Apr 30, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-30 10:02:02-04

Few things are more annoying than problems with your teeth and chewing.

Richard says he's struggled with his teeth all his life.

The disabled veteran says the VA hospital removed them. He bought dentures somewhere else for more than $1,500, but he says they "are too big and will not stay in my mouth."

The business has a satisfaction guarantee. Richard says the realignment didn't work and he can't get the full refund.

Our Let Joe Know/Better Business Bureau team took over.

Volunteer Roxanne contacted the business, and they had a different story.

They said Richard has not "communicated with them regarding his dissatisfaction."

Roxanne put the two together and Richard got back his $1,500 to spend on dentures that fit better.

We get a lot of complaints about another annoying issue -- spending hundreds even thousands on appliances that break down, and no one wants to help.

James says just after buying his Maytag dishwasher, broken metal parts were found in the pump assembly.

He says the dishwasher needed a new pump.

More than three months later, he says the part is still on backorder with no delivery date set.

So, James bought a different dishwasher and wants a $797 refund.

Make sure when you buy an appliance you know what the manufacturer and store warranties include and deadlines to file a claim.

When James let me know, our problem-solver Karen contacted Maytag and the store.

Working with both, Karen got what James had struggled to get.

He writes he's getting a full refund saying, "thank you so much. This would not have happened without your help."

Susan got an unexpected letter from Vanguard. It concerned a disbursement check from a previous 401k and employee stock account.

It was nearly $4,000 from 20 years ago.

Susan says she completed the forms but months later, still no money.

When she let me know, our Let Joe Know/Better Business Bureau volunteer Ellen went to Vanguard and says, "they responded immediately and are looking into the matter."

They did investigate and Susan got her nearly $4,000 check saying, "thank you so much for helping me with this matter. I will certainly be sharing 'Let Joe Know' with my friends and family!"

Some old checks, abandoned bank accounts, and safe deposit boxes end up in the state's Unclaimed Property program.

It's easy and free to collect if the state is holding it.

Check to see if you have money or property in the state's Unclaimed Property program.