New DirecTV streaming: Be careful with 'free' trials

It's called DirecTV Now and it's AT&T's newest streaming service that started Wednesday.

You can choose from 60+ to 120+ plus channels and pay between $35 and $70 per month.

The company says act now, and you can get their 100+ service for $35 instead of $60 for as long as you want it — even when the price goes up. And, another perk is that it's month-to-month with no contracts and no box needed.

But I'm not here to sell you on the service.

There's already Dish's Sling TV, Sony PlayStation' Vue and other services you should compare.

DirecTV Now is offering a seven day free trial period.

And I'm always warning you about "free" trials.

You give your credit card information upfront. If you don't cancel in seven days, your card is charged.

So, remember that if you plan to sign up. And make sure to read the terms and privacy rules.

Click here to read about cancelation, refunds and how DirecTV Now could target ads based on your "free" viewing habits.

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