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More DoorDash drivers scammed out of pay

Posted at 3:27 PM, Sep 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-24 23:11:09-04

Some DoorDash drivers say they're being targeted by scammers.

They saw our online story involving a local driver scammed out of her pay.

Driver's Romello Clark in Florida and Greg Patterson in New York both say it happened to them.

They say someone posing as DoorDash customer support contacted them.

They needed the driver's account and login information to give one driver a bonus and to clear up a supposed problem with the other driver.

Once they got the information, they stole hundreds from linked bank accounts.

A DoorDash spokesperson said they had not been hacked.

Instead, they say scammers create a DoorDash account and place a small order, that way they get the drivers name and a way to contact them.

They call the driver as if they were DoorDash, spoof the area code, and cancel the order.

And then they ask for the driver's account information to give a bonus or resolve a problem.

DoorDash has issued warnings to drivers never to give out their account information.

And they've set up a more secure login process.

But driver's say they need a more secure app.

And they say the company needs to take more responsibility and reimburse all drivers right away.

After we contacted DoorDash, both Greg and Romello got their money back in full!