Milk class action lawsuit: What's taking so long for the refund?

Posted at 7:24 PM, May 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-04 18:39:49-04

Consumers are still waiting for refunds for a class action lawsuit they thought would be resolved by now.

It involves allegations of price fixing of dairy products and a $52 million settlement that was to be paid to consumers who bought just about any fresh dairy product in Arizona and 15 other states.

The deadline to file was January 31, 2017 and many are asking ‘where is the money?'

According to a proposed disbursement schedule in the lawsuit documents, the plan was for payments to start being deposited on March 1, 2017.

We contacted Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro, the law firm that represents the class to find out what happened.
Managing partner Steve Berman says it’s still held up in court. In a statement he says in part, “we look forward to the court issuing a final ruling on the settlement soon, after which consumers will begin receiving payments."

According to court documents, more than 3.5 million people submitted claims, which “has exceeded original predictions", administrative website says. 

Also, instead of the $45 to $70 refund per person, consumers can expect closer to $6.

Scott Hardy with is not affiliated with the case, but says it is not uncommon for delays with a lawsuit this large. He notes that any objections would have to be resolved before anything could be paid out.

No word yet on when that will be, but we’ll be watching.