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Melting car dashboards have owners concerned

What are automakers doing about it?
Posted at 5:00 AM, Oct 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-23 11:12:00-04

No part of your car should melt when it gets too hot, but Carol Wuest says her dashboard is doing just that.

Carol owns a Toyota Sienna minivan and her fingers stick to the dashboard as she touches it.

She says it's a safety concern.

"At night its worse because the lights that glare and virtually I cannot see to drive," Carol says.

But a replacement would cost her $2,700 and Carol doesn't think that's fair.

Several automakers have had to deal with melting dashboards.

Nissan settled a $5.3-million lawsuit involving 2008-2009 Altimas.

Toyota and Lexus have had issues with 2003-2011 models and their dashboards.

The company agreed to replace them until 2017 and now has dashboard warranties for 10 years.

But Carol's van wouldn't qualify.

The Center for Auto Safety has called these dashboards "design defects" and say they should be recalled.

That hasn't happened.

So if this happens to you, contact the manufacturer and see if there is a voluntary program for your model.

Also, check for class action lawsuits involving dashboards.

And keep in an eye on all recalls through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.