Let Joe Know helps a veteran after car purchase leaves him with major work needed

Posted at 7:41 PM, May 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-08 22:42:58-04

Buying a used car "as is"?

Even if it doesn't have a warranty, it should be in drivable condition with no serious issues.

Isaac Greenough says he bought a 2003 Lexus.

He says after a test drive, he knew there were some concerns, but nothing serious.

On the drive home, Isaac says the check engine/oil light went on.

The car had a big oil leak and it seemed to be getting worse.

In fact now, Isaac says he puts in two quarts every day.

Isaac says he contacted the dealer the day after he bought the car.

He says Saskia Auto Sales told him he could trade in the vehicle or get it repaired by their mechanic at a discounted cost to him.

But Isaac thought the Arizona Used Car Lemon Law applied.

It states the vehicle must be "substantially free of any defect that significantly limits the use."

The defect happened and the dealer was notified within the 500 mile/15 day period required.

So Isaac thought he should just have to pay $25 for the repair.

Saskia Auto Sales told me the oil leak was not present when Isaac bought the car.

They say they did offer a trade, a discounted mechanic and consider it a maintenance issue.

Isaac says as a veteran, and now a college student, he can't afford to pay the hundreds it would cost to fix the leak.

So we went further.

We let Howard Fleischmann Sr. know about it.

Howard is the owner of Community Tire Pros and Auto Repair.

While we only went to them because of the oil leak, Howard's team checked out the car from top to bottom.

It's crucial any time you buy a used car, that you have a trusted mechanic check it out first.

Community Tire says the leak was so bad, oil would just run through.

They ended up fixing that leak, a water leak they found, replacing two bald tires and more!

Howard says he wanted to help a vet and someone working towards his future.

Isaac says he couldn't be happier.

And he doesn't have to carry quarts of oil in the back of his car, any longer.