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Looking to buy a home? Here are the cheapest spots to look!

Posted at 4:32 AM, Feb 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-18 08:55:07-05

PHOENIX — With rental costs going up across the state, many are looking to snag an affordable home. However, there are some challenges you could soon be facing due to competition.

Maria, after more than a year of waiting, was finally approved for a home loan. She went through home-buyer education classes held by the non-profit Trellis, tightening up her budget to set aside money for a down payment.

"I've been renting places and it's going so crazy high," said Maria. "[For] $1,400 I can do a house payment."

Now comes the hard part -- finding one in her budget as the average cost of a home in Arizona reaches more than $270,000, according to Zillow.

"It's tough to buy a house when the prices are increasing and the income is not increasing," said Patricia Duarte with Trellis. She says more people are needing help with down payments or even closing costs, not to mention finding homes that are less than $200,000.

Maria's Realtor, Maricruz Martinez, says the pool of homes in that price range continues to get smaller.

"Last night, we had eight houses on the list that she wanted to see," said Martinez. "This morning it was five houses and then later this afternoon, there were only four."

She says homes are getting several offers and in some cases those offers can't be beat.

"We're working against investors, and a lot of the times they have cash. So, there's little you can do against cash," said Martinez.

She says people are often forced to new neighborhoods, further from family or the schools their kids attend.

So, where can you stretch your money the furthest?

Here are the zip codes in Maricopa County with an average home price under $200,000:

Zip Code City Avg. price in 12/2019
85337 Gila Bend 114367
85009 Phoenix 160188
85301 Glendale 174566
85034 Phoenix 177647
85031 Phoenix 179934
85017 Phoenix 180021
85035 Phoenix 183938
85040 Phoenix 184021
85019 Phoenix 184796
85363 Youngtown 185978
85033 Phoenix 186215
85351 Sun City 187037

Here are the zip codes in Pinal County with an average home price under $200,000:

Zip Code City Avg. price in 12/2019
85618 Mammoth 69607
85631 San Manuel 81934
85141 Eloy 90394
85137 Kearny 90453
85173 Superior 99435
85191 Valley Farms 117716
85172 Stanfield 138870
85123 Casa Grande 153723
85128 Coolidge 157598
85131 Eloy 159943
85122 Casa Grande 193414
85193 Casa Grande 198288

Here are the zip codes in Pima County with an average home price under $200,000:

Zip Code City Avg. price in 12/2019
85321 Ajo 70902
85601 Arivaca 145181
85714 Tucson 148315
85713 Tucson 148466
85645 Amado 150825
85706 Tucson 159839
85736 Three Points 161819
85705 Tucson 165126
85746 Tucson 180180
85711 Tucson 181756
85730 Tucson 181935
85756 Tucson 184412
85712 Tucson 186013
85614 Green Valley 196217
85710 Tucson 196421
85145 Marana 196802

Home Buyer Resources:

The Arizona Housing Coalition is a good place to start whether you are wanting to rent or buy.

They have a dozens of places that work in matching people with housing.

If you want to buy a home, Trellis is a non-profit that helps people get into homes through financial education and various programs that can help.

The Arizona Department of Housing also has Home Ownership Assistance programs.

For more on the affordable housing situation in the Valley, CLICK HERE.