Promise of "longer" lashes draws customers to "free" product test

Posted at 6:45 PM, Nov 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-21 20:45:16-05
 Soon, you'll likely be sitting at a computer shopping for the best holiday deals.
And you may see an ad for a "free" trial offer.
One of them involves a product called "Lash Renew."
The ad says it will grow lashes stronger and longer.
We don't know about that, but the Better Business Bureau says customers have a different complaint.
The BBB says more than 130 people have complained in the last year about being charged for something they didn't want.
The ad says you can try the product for just the shipping and handling cost, as long as you call to cancel within 14 days and send the product back.
Otherwise, it says your credit card will be charged and charged again monthly unless you cancel.
"It's hard to get a hold of this company. They can't get through," says the BBB's Felicia Thompson about the customer complaints.
The small print does spell it out.
But it also say it could take 4 days to even get the product.
And the terms and conditions say delivery could take up to 10 days.
Thompson says "it's nearly impossible in these cases to receive the product, then try the product and send the product back before that free trial period offer ends."
We went to two Scottsdale addresses listed for the company.
One was a mail drop. The other address housed a completely different business.
By phone, a supervisor told me cancelation rules are clear and she had no reason for all the complaints.
Any "free" trial offer can be tricky.
Too many times, we hear about situations where the instructions are tough to complete.
Or people just don't understand before they buy.
Read everything thoroughly and your best bet would be to stay away from something where you pay if you don't cancel... soon.
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