Beware! 5 AZ scams, concerns you need to know

Posted at 12:08 PM, Mar 31, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-31 17:22:51-04

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HOA DRAMA: So, you're not happy with your HOA?  Boy, we've heard the complaints. It could be massive attorney fees for some small infraction. Or it's being forced to paint your house when you can't afford it and don't need it. Fighting it out in court or through the state's Department of Fire, Building and Life Safety is expensive. But complaining to your legislators is FREE. Other states offer better regulations and offer free mediation. With so many HOA's, why not here? 

CONDO TAKEOVER: Put that condo re-do on hold. Believe it or not, your condo could be taken away from you, even if you made all payments on time! It doesn't make sense, but it's all legal in Arizona.  It's part of the Arizona Condominium Act, which allows investors to buy big chunks and force others to sell, supposedly at market value. Here's another one your paid representatives need to change.

GRANDMA IS THAT YOU?  It's called the grandparent scam and it's back big in the Valley. You get a call supposedly from your grandkid saying he's in trouble and needs money now. One local woman wired more than $5000 before finding it was a scam. If you get the call, ask questions. What are his/her parent’s names? Call the family and find out where Jimmy really is before losing all your money.

JOE LET'S YOU KNOW: When I say "wire money" you say "what?" SCAM! Or at least you should say it. Whether it's the grandparent scam, buying/selling online, or some potential online employer request, if you're asked to wire money to someone you don't know, it's always a scam. Buying Moneypaks is the same thing. It's sending cash you can't trace and will never get back.

PRODUCER COURTNEY'S CORNER:  In 2008 Arizona voters decided incredibly high-interest payday loans needed to go. This year some legislators decided to resurrect them...twice.  Now they're called "Flex Credit Loans." (SB1316)  Different name, same high-interest loans targeted at people with low incomes who have an incredibly hard time paying them off. How about legislating a real way to help our society's most financially vulnerable instead of taking advantage of it?

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