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Posted at 5:00 AM, Feb 02, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-02 09:07:32-05

PHOENIX — A lot of people had a rough 2021 leading many to our Let Joe Know team for help.

They are people like Pat who had a fence fall during a serious storm and knock down an entire section.

A replacement would cost her about $2,000, which Pat would have to pay out of pocket since that's her insurance deductible.

She says she's on a fixed income and can't afford it. But we asked the question, "Why should Pat have to pay anything?" Pat's Mesa property is next to a golf course and the tree is on the course.

When she couldn't get help, she didn't give up. She turned to us and we got a hold of the right people at the course.

A short time later, course management came through. They didn't just replace the damaged section they replaced Pat's entire back fence with better material.

Now, she just has to worry about bad golfers, and all those golf balls ending up in her yard!

You may not know that every day our team of Let Joe Know/Better Business Bureau volunteers spend hours trying to help solve your frustrating consumer complaints.

Jeff let me know he took his car to a local shop for repairs and says they "messed it up really bad." He says the shop was going to refund the $311 he spent, but five months later he still has not received a refund.

Instead of giving up, Jeff let me know.

Our problem solver Ethel found out that it was a document signing issue. She solved it, and a few weeks later "Jeff got the check." It was a full refund.

Patti also let me know about a package she sent that was damaged during shipping.

She had a $500 insurance policy on it but says the claim was denied. Eight months later, Patti was still fighting saying she "submitted everything they requested."

Patti didn't give up and our Let Joe Know/Better Business Bureau problem solver Roxanne wanted to help.

She sent pictures and communicated with the right person at the corporate level and Roxanne got some good news.

Patti's problem was resolved, and she got a check for the full amount!

It's important, if you are right, to resist the pushback and never give up.

Get ahead and let us help you: email me