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Let Joe Know team helps woman escape bad contract with AT&T

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Posted at 5:00 AM, Dec 16, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-16 09:36:58-05

PHOENIX — The pandemic has a lot of us looking for ways to save money and for better deals.

But sometimes those deals are not as presented and can cost you a lot more overall or you don't get what's promised.

It happened to Barbara. Her son Brian contacted the Let Joe Know team saying she wanted to save money on her TV/internet bill.

Barbara wanted to know more about AT&T service and says a salesperson came out and talked about options.

She is a senior and Brian says she eventually signed something not knowing exactly how much she'd be paying or which services would be included.

Barbara says the salesperson never left a contract, so she relied on some sparse notes she took.

"She literally had to take notes on a napkin. He didn't provide any information for her," Brian says.

Turns out it was a two-year deal, and Barbara wanted out. But Brian says she was told that would cost her a $481 fee. And as a senior on a limited income, she couldn't afford it.

Then Brian found something interesting. When you look up his mother's address for AT&T service, it says "high speed internet is not available" though you can still get TV service.

But Barbara says she needed both and made that clear. "Bottom line is they shouldn't have sold her that because they can't provide the service," Brian says.

Brian let us know and we contacted AT&T. The company didn't answer our questions about how this could happen. But they did say there was a different service through Century Link internet and that they offered that to Barbara.

AT&T agreed to cancel Barbara's contract and waive that early termination fee.

Before signing anything, know all details and make sure you get copies of everything. Also, I always advise don't sign anything on the spot. Instead, take the information and talk to family or friends before committing.

And remember, there is a cooling off period for contracts signed in your home. You have 3 business days to cancel.

Click here for more on the Arizona 3-day cancellation rule.