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Let Joe Know team helps Arizonans not getting what they paid for

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Posted at 5:00 AM, Mar 30, 2021

When you pay for a service, you expect it to be completed. When you buy a product, it's supposed to work.

When that doesn't happen, the Let Joe Know/Better Business Bureau volunteer team is here to help.

Sheila reached out to the Let Joe Know team about a problem with a contractor.

She needed windows and doors adjusted. But 12 weeks after signing a contract, the contractor still hadn't done the work and she'd have to wait even longer.

Sheila says, "It's not my fault. They did not do the job."

And she's right.

But the contractor wanted the full $5,300 for canceling.

Sheila had hired another contractor who did the work and turned to the Let Joe Know problem solvers to get a refund and out of a bad contract.

Our volunteer Barbara took a look at the paperwork, went to the contractor and in just three weeks, Sheila had the contract dissolved and got a refund.

But it isn't just the high dollar amounts that get the Let Joe Know team's attention.

Sometimes less costly issues can be a bigger headache, or bellyache as one woman had after dealing with her refrigerator problem.

Donna says she bought a refrigerator in 2013 and has had a drainage issue with the bottom of her freezer for years.

She says "I am 75 years old now and still having to get on my stomach to chop the ice out or there will be puddles."

She says she's had bruises and cuts but refuses to pay for a defect and can't get the manufacturer to make repairs.

When Donna couldn't get help, she finally reached out. Our volunteer team vowed to get her off the floor for good and we made it happen.

The repairs were made for free and no more puddles or bruises.

We also helped a family with their Spring Training drama.

Vickie Danderand says her family saved up for a game last year.

But the season was canceled the day of the game because of COVID and Vickie has been trying to get a $350 refund since.

It's been tough because she didn't know where the tickets were bought online.

Vickie reached out to the Let Joe Know team and we found her family paid

We contacted them, they investigated and the team received an email from Vickie saying "Best birthday ever."

After more than a year of trying, she got a full refund and put this issue behind her.

The Let Joe Know/Better Business Bureau team works every weekday helping you solve your consumer issues.

We can help you too, email and let's get started.