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Let Joe Know team gets hundreds back for consumers

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Posted at 5:00 AM, Dec 02, 2020
and last updated 2021-12-24 07:18:19-05

Most landlords don't have to offer "free" rent move-in specials these days with a rental shortage. But one local woman is getting months of free rent and her electric bill paid!

Holly put down $1,200 on a Mesa rental house. But in October, she says "they haven't finished anything." They have the wrong water heater. The house is filthy. We still can’t move in."

She emailed me about it and the Let Joe Know/Better Business Bureau volunteer team went to work.

Cathy took the case and the let landlord know the situation was unacceptable; he responded saying he didn't know about it.

He says, "each and every issue will be corrected ASAP," and he went further. Because of her trouble, Holly received three months of free rent and her $300 electricity bill was refunded.

Despite the pandemic, our team is working from home and taking on your consumer issues every day.

A broken washer can be a bummer, especially for someone like Raul who says he pays monthly on a service contract to take care of these issues.

He says Sears scheduled a technician to come out. But they were "unable to complete services due to all parts not delivered."

Raul says months of calls didn't help, so he let me know and our team took over.

Our volunteer Ellen worked with Sears and was told the company just didn't have the part. So Ellen worked out something different. The company offered Raul $875 instead and he happily took it.

Sue had a very different issue. She says she spent more than $600 on an Apple watch. She's a senior and liked its fall detection feature.

But Sue says when she did fall, the watch did not detect it. She says Apple told her the watch was working the way it should and doesn't always detect all falls as she says she was told. Sue wanted a refund but says she was told it was out of the refund period.

So Sue let me know and volunteer Grant took it on. He knew the watch was still under warranty and asked Apple to investigate. Apple did more than that. They gave Sue a full refund.

She writes, "Miracles do happen. The money is in my bank account. Hooray!"

We can help you too. But we must know about the issue first. Email us