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Let Joe Know solves medical overcharge, product refund issues

LJK takes frustrating problems and finds solutions
Posted at 5:00 AM, Aug 12, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-17 10:10:16-04

If you've had a medical visit lately, you know the pain doesn't always end once you leave the office. Overcharges and bad billing can leave people trying to clear up costly errors.

Recently, the Let Joe Know/Better Business Bureau volunteer team helped George with a frustrating medical billing issue. He had a hospital stay and says he was doubly charged.

George ended up suing the hospital and won a judgment of $1,899. But instead of paying him, the hospital sent George to collections for not paying them.

When he let me know, our volunteer problem-solver Kathy went to work.

Kathy got hold of the judgment and went back and forth with hospital attorneys, And finally, there was great news: George got a check for $1,899, which is the full amount.

Small Claims court costs less than $100 and you can claim up to $3,500. However, if you win, collecting the judgment is not automatic. Find out more about Maricopa Small Claims court filing and collecting here.

Since the hospital sent George to collections, that was still affecting his credit report.

Kathy went to work again and got that removed, too.


Every month, hundreds of people turn to our volunteer team hoping for the same help.

They are people like Bill who says he ordered a Murphy bed from a local furniture company.

Bill says after he gave them a $2,200 deposit, they just "disappeared."

He says he called and sent letters but couldn't find out what happened to his order.

Five months later, Bill let me know. He didn't have much hope writing, "probably nothing can be done but thought I would send this to you and see."

We like challenges. Let Joe Know/BBB volunteer Ellen wanted to help.

Now, the furniture store was communicating with Ellen and with Bill.

"I said, you know, Joe might show up with his camera," Bill says he told the shop owner.

That did not need to happen. Three weeks after getting involved, Ellen got Bill what he deserved.

He writes, "well, it's a miracle. You guys did it and the $2200 is in the bank....Thanks for holding this guy accountable."

Bill says, "I had no expectation and you really turned it all upside down, made it happen."

Bill donated all that money to a favorite charity.

Making large payments for anything upfront can be a problem. Too many times, we see people take the money and go. Try to keep those payments to around 10% or as little as possible.

We can't solve all issues, but we're getting back thousands of dollars for hundreds of people.

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