Let Joe Know: 20 words scammers often use to steal your money

Posted at 6:53 PM, Jul 18, 2017

Ask anybody who has had a costly consumer problem, it is much tougher to solve it than to avoid it.

With that in mind, I went over some of the consumer problems viewers have sent in to us and found people being lured into very bad deals by some very nice words.

From timeshares to appliances, warranties to Craigslist ads and car buys, I came up with 20 words or phrases that sound enticing, but I call "The Dangerous 20."

They are: "free," "special," "sale," "discount," "act now," "clearance," "rebate," "markdown," "rollback," "money back guarantee," "closeout," "pay upfront," "deal," "steal," "giveaway," "trial period," "save," "reduction," "two-for-one" and -- my favorite -- "good today only."

Sometimes to get the deal, you may feel like you don't want to rock the boat. Instead, you ask less questions, review less, don't read the fine print or do enough research to make sure it really has value or is a deal.

What you want to do is the opposite. Ask more questions, review the product thoroughly, read the fine print and do your homework.

Many stores do offer legitimate sales and deals throughout the year, but even those can have limitations and restrictions that may take you by surprise at the cash register. Make sure to read the small print.

Here are another 10 words to remember to avoid "Letting Joe Know." They are "beware," "avoid," "too good to be true," "warning,"" risky," "turn back," "trust the gut," "research," "mistake" and "really?"

In other words, avoid the "dangerous 20."