Leave an Uber mess behind? Get ready to pay!

Posted at 8:39 PM, Aug 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-07 23:40:26-04

Have you heard of an uber cleaning fee? 

It's up to $150 for damage you may have caused.

It could even mean charging you for any vacuuming the driver had to do...

One Valley man let me know about his $80 Uber damage charge.

He got a notice "unfortunately your driver reported a mess from your trip that requires clean up. We've attached a photo of the incident."

The photo looks like part of a car seat.

But it's hard to see clear staining or damage.

The passenger wrote back "I brought no food or liquid into the vehicle on this trip. No mess of any kind was brought to my attention upon departure. I feel I was charged for this cleaning by mistake."

Buried in the Uber app, you do find a damage policy ranging from $20 for "small interior spills" to $150 for a "major mess."

Lyft's charges can go up to $250.

In this case, Uber did not give back the $80.

But the man's bank did as they investigated what happened.

Protect yourself.

Treat rideshares like rental cars.

Make sure to take pictures of the seating area and interior doors before you get in and when you leave.

Uber says they demand proof from the drivers.

And if you are disputing, the more proof and description you have, the better.

Uber also says it reviews every dispute.

Click here for more on Uber's dispute process.

Click here for Lyft's damage dispute process.